New Ghost Ops book, coming soon!
Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
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I Dream of Danger, the latest installment in The Ghost Ops Trilogy is due out on July 2, 2013.

They are the Ghost Ops: a covert squad of super-elite soldiers. After their team was betrayed and massacred, the three surviving members went underground and built Haven, a community of misfits and geniuses. Now they’re at a crossroads, facing a new threat capable of destroying everything they hold dear.

When Nick Ross disappears from Elle Thomason’s life, she is certain she’ll never see the man she loves again—except in her dreams. Ten years later, as a respected researcher breaking new ground in psychic phenomena, she sends a desperate call for Nick’s help. One by one, her colleagues have started disappearing . . . and Elle knows she’s next. An elite soldier, Nick never meant to hurt Elle, duty kept him away—and then she vanished. Now troubled by unusually vivid, disturbing dreams of Elle in danger, Nick will rescue the only woman he’s ever wanted and bring her back with him to Haven.

Though powerful men are after Elle and her special abilities, Nick will die before leaving her side again.

Newsletter Contest
Monday, July 8th, 2013
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Enter Lisa Marie Rice’s Newsletter Contest and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

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Woman on the Run now available
Friday, May 3rd, 2013
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Woman on the Run, originally published by Ellora’s Cave is now available in print and ebook formats. The book, a lightly re-edited version of the original story, is available now at Amazon and Smashwords.

Military Love Contest
Monday, March 12th, 2012
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Lisa Marie Rice has made her career writing about America’s bravest, and now she is celebrating our military members and those strong enough to stand by their side.

In celebration of Lisa’s new book, NIGHTFIRE, she will be giving away a free Kindle. All you have to do to enter is e-mail Lisa a picture of your best romantic military moment. Lisa will share your photos on her Facebook wall throughout the contest. The first entrant randomly selected from those submitted will win a FREE Kindle and Lisa’s newest book, NIGHTFIRE in print format. The second and third random contestant will receive the entire Protectors Series (INTO THE CROSSFIRE, HOTTER THAN WILDFIRE, and NIGHTFIRE) in print format.

To view full contest rules and details, visit Lisa’s Facebook Page.

Praise for Nightfire
Monday, February 27th, 2012
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More thrilling and sexy romantic suspense from The Protectors series—an ex-Special Forces operative must pull off his most daring mission yet when the woman he loves is in danger…


A very enjoyable addition to the series. With sex, romance and Russian mobsters, I think this one has a little something for everyone. Mike is full of so much self-hatred, I just wanted to give him a hug but I’ll settle for reading his journey to a HEA instead.


“Nightfire” will take readers on a suspense-filled and sexy ride where a tortured, alpha hero must deal with his demons in order to protect the woman who completes him. Lisa Marie Rice is a master at telling this type of story.

Lisa Marie Rice has romanticizing action and adventure stories down to a science. In “Nightfire,” readers get an emotionally-charged tale of a sister finding her long-lost family, of a fragile woman and a tortured man finding true love and of good guys taking down a nasty group of Russian, pedophiliac sex slavers. The story kept me on the edge of my seat, like most of Rice’s novels do.


 This tale is sure to please readers who enjoy stories of love at first sight.


Now Mike. Oh my, how I love an alpha hero that’s so vulnerable and dealing with an incredibly tragic past. He’s a true protector and will do anything to keep Chloe safe, but she protects him too. For the first time, he’s able to fully open up to someone about what he went through the day his family died and it’s a great, emotional scene and I just love how Mike was written. He’s tough on the outside, but a total softy when it came to Chloe. And of course their insanely hot sex scenes just added that much more. They’re a couple whose relationship was easy to believe in and they felt well matched. A scene between them would end and I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen with them next.


Interview With RT
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
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Romantic Times recently interviewed me on the release of Nightfire. Here’s a glimpse of what I had to say:

Lisa Marie Rice On Her Latest Erotic Romance Nightfire


Author Lisa Marie Rice wraps up her Protectors trilogy with this month’s Nightfire. The series finale focuses on the last of three smoldering foster brothers who all have military training — and heroines they will do anything to shield from danger. Nightfire‘s hero, former Marine Mike, is no exception. When he meets his foster brother’s long-lost sister, Chloe it is love at first sight, but things don’t go smoothly for these two: there are dangerous Russian mobsters who want Chloe out of the picture. Get a special look at Mike, Chloe and their roadblocks to romance in today’s author interview with Lisa Marie Rice. 


Nightfire centers around two very different characters. Mike, a former marine, sniper and now successful security expert, commands a room. Chloe on the other hand is master at blending after surviving a very painful childhood. When writing their story, was it ever difficult for you to imagine them as a couple?

Actually, it wasn’t hard at all, because the extreme aspects of their characters were artificially induced by great trauma in their pasts. They would have been different people — they would have been themselves — if they hadn’t known tragedy at such a young age. Mike is angry as hell at the loss of his family to violence and has been since he was a kid. That anger was never dealt with and thus never dissipated.

Chloe was brutalized twice while very vulnerable and hasn’t quite realized that she’s not vulnerable any more.

Both of them need each other in so many ways, but particularly, each lances the wounds left by trauma and tragedy and each completes the other.

Mike’s huge anger at the loss of his family is partly dictated by the fact that nothing ever took its place. Now he has a family of his own to love, which he desperately needed. His anger is gone and he is whole.

Chloe has not only become physically stronger, thanks to Mike, but spiritually stronger as well. All her life she felt as if she were on the sidelines, watching other people lives their lives. She felt alone and alienated. But not now. Now she is strong and loved and happy.

It’s really great to find someone who completes you.

They are both better people now that they have found each other. They actually make a great couple!


Want to read more? Visit RT to read the rest of the interview!

New Review of Reckless Night
Monday, January 16th, 2012
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Book Binge recently posted a review of Reckless Night. They had this to say:

“I found the story fascinating and felt as if I had a glimpse of this man and woman’s souls, of the passion that never seemed to grow old, and the fearless protectiveness that they felt for each other. And while I seldom give novellas a very high rating–they are just so short–I am going to hopefully reflect my conviction that the writing and the intensity of this short work are worthy of a better rating than I would normally give: 4 out of 5.”

To read the whole review, visit Book Binge.

What Makes Marines Unique?
Sunday, January 1st, 2012
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Nightfire–Mike’s story–is coming out February 7. One of the basic things to know about Mike Keillor is that he was a Marine. IS a Marine, because once a Marine always a Marine, even after service is over. The Corps saved him from likely prison when he was a very angry young man. They took his strength of body and of will and turned it into something useful, something he could be proud of. So let’s take a look at the Marine Corps, what makes these soldiers so unique. I guess you start with induction. Below is a famous clip from Full Metal Jacket. The ‘actor’ is a real Marine Drill Instructor. It seems like mental torture but what he’s doing is saving their lives. How will they react to battle stress? He’s about to find out.

Full Metal Jacket – Motivational Speech

Reckless Night Featured at Fresh Fiction
Friday, December 16th, 2011
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December 16, 2011

Fresh Fiction will be featuring Reckless Night on their site today, Friday, Dec. 16, in their Fresh Pick section. Check out the book at


Fresh Fiction Reviews Reckless Night
Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
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The reviewers at Fresh Fiction had this to say about Reckless Night:

You can think of the novella RECKLESS NIGHT as a long epilogue to Dangerous Passion. Having not read the other books in the Protector’s series (an oversight I plan to rectify), I was less appreciative than I might have been otherwise at checking-in with familiar characters. In this case, a reunion with Viktor “Drake” Drakovich and his wife Grace, both presumed dead in a fire. Drake left behind his billion dollar arms-dealing criminal empire. He and Grace are hiding out on a private Island to avoid those who would be happy to make sure he was really dead. The only thing that might tempt him to risk being seen in public is making Grace happy. Will his attempt to give Grace the perfect Christmas gift cost them everything?

I’m sure RECKLESS NIGHT will be a treat for fans of the Protector’s series. This is an atypical holiday story in many ways. The romantic element is between a happily married couple, the husband is a criminal in hiding, and the primary threat is the potential for discovery. I enjoyed the loving relationship between Grace and Drake. Though uncomplicated, the plot and storytelling kept my attention. It was also fun to be reminded about how Christmas is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere.

See more at