Midnight Kiss


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She was supposed to be just a job …

Luke Reynolds is doing a favor for his new company — protecting a beautiful and brainy computer genius who is in the crosshairs of someone dangerously powerful. Normally, Luke is all business on the job, but Hope Ellis gets under his skin in the worst way. How is he supposed to protect that luscious body when he keeps getting distracted by deep green eyes and soft red lips? There’s no room for mistakes because an extremely powerful man with an army at his back wants her dead. Luke must figure out what in Hope’s past is clawing its way to the present before the woman he is falling in love with ends up a gorgeous corpse.

He’s one massive and dangerous distraction

Hope Ellis is nothing but focus, and now that her life is on the line, and she has to figure out who is after her, she needs to be razor-sharp. But the man sent to protect her is temptation itself. Behind that handsome face and strong body lie painful secrets. Hope has secrets of her own from a past that she doesn’t remember – a past that is dangerous territory. Someone very powerful is gunning for her and she doesn’t understand why. She and Luke must discover the key to decoding the past while staying alive – and falling in love.

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A Feel-Good Romantic Comedy

Don't Think Twice

Don't Think Twice

She’s trouble with a gorgeous face.

She’s bad news. The worst.

Jack Sutter has a problem. Francesca Mansion has descended upon Carson’s Bluff to conquer it. She represents a heartless, soulless corporation bent on changing the laid-back town’s mellow way of life and Jack will do whatever it takes to stop her. The problem is Francesca is also gorgeous. Funny. Ferociously smart. And she makes his heart pound so damn hard, he has to constantly remind himself of the truth –she’s the enemy.

He’s her adversary in a high stakes game.

Jack Sutter, Sheriff and Mayor of Carson’s Bluff, is a tall, sexy drink of water—everything Francesca’s ever dreamed of in a man. But he’s bound and determined to keep his town out of the clutches of her ruthless uncle. In fact, the whole quirky place is almost as seductively charming as Jack himself. Francesca’s falling fast, and soon she’s facing a decision which could change her life forever …

Don’t Think Twice is a lighthearted, feel-good small-town romance. The perfect escape read for those looking for heart, humor, and a happy ever after!



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The Trilogy that Started it All!

The Midnight Trilogy Box Set

Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense



Once John’s had a taste of her, there’s no doubt that Suzanne belongs to him, and whoever is after her will have to go through him first…


She’s flesh and blood, and all woman. Bud will have to meet her halfway if he wants to make her his, and if they’re to have a hope in hell of outrunning the danger at their heels…


He can protect her against danger, but can he protect his heart?

It’s not what you see
…it’s what you feel.

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