Now Available! Maverick, Protector, and Runaway


An embassy terrorist attack in Africa left intelligence analyst Claire Day close to death, but she remembers nothing of the attack. She was left a husk of a woman. Only a shining figure in her dreams pulls her back from the brink-a mysterious man, strong, protective, powerful. He’s the only one that can keep the looming horror that haunts her dreams at bay-but she has no idea who he is.

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Hard missions and high altitudes, that’s what Captain Mike Shafer, 10th Mountain Division, US Army, is all about. He never hesitates, not even when tasked with stopping a deadly virus from exploding in the Himalayas. At least, not until he finds out he’s going in with a single partner—Lucy Merritt. A woman. Soft. Super-feminine. No military background, no combat training, armed with just a PhD in art history. Worst of all, she’s gorgeous. Another word for ‘deadly distraction.’

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Navy Seal Matt Sanders is slowly putting himself together after being almost mortally wounded in battle. He’s sick of hospitals, so a nowhere town in Baja, California, seems like the perfect place to lick his wounds. It’s the last place he expects to find the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

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Hot Secrets & Restless Nights!

Hot Secrets / Reckless Nights Box Set

Hot Secrets

He knows how dark the world can be
Jack Prescott’s past is full of cruelty and darkness—until his wife Caroline wiped away the pain of the past, giving him light and love.

Jack loves her passionately and all he asks is that she takes his training in self-defense seriously. He needs to know she will be safe from the darkness of the world.
On Christmas Eve, danger strikes
Caroline is reading a Christmas story to little children in her bookstore when a vicious criminal breaks in. Jack is rushing to her side, but right now she has to save herself, the kids in her bookstore, and the child growing inside her. She and Jack have everything to live for and only Jack’s relentless training can save her now.

Reckless Nights

He left his criminal empire behind 

Viktor ‘Drake’ Drakovitch used to run a vast criminal empire, but he gave it up for the woman he loves more than life. It was an easy decision because she means everything to him.

But it’s Christmas. What can he give to a woman who shuns gold jewelry and diamonds, doesn’t want fur or fancy cars, who knows that only keeping a low profile will keep them safely hidden from his enemies?

But danger found him

Grace doesn’t want fancy things; she only wants what Drake gladly gives her—unquestioning devotion, fierce protection, and the best sex a woman has ever had. Until danger strikes, and Grace realizes that the best gift of all is a dangerous husband.

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The Trilogy that Started it All!

The Midnight Trilogy Box Set

Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense



Once John’s had a taste of her, there’s no doubt that Suzanne belongs to him, and whoever is after her will have to go through him first…


She’s flesh and blood, and all woman. Bud will have to meet her halfway if he wants to make her his, and if they’re to have a hope in hell of outrunning the danger at their heels…


He can protect her against danger, but can he protect his heart?

It’s not what you see
…it’s what you feel.

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