Secrets Anthology: Sacred by Lisa Marie Rice

Anthology: Secrets Vol. 9

“Treat yourself to well-written fiction that’s hot, hotter, and hottest!”

— Virginia Henley, New York Times Best Selling Author

“Secluded” by Lisa Marie Rice
Nicholas Lee had to claw his way to the top. His wealth and power come with a price – his enemies will kill anyone he loves. When Isabelle Summerby steals his heart, Nicholas secludes her in his underground palace to live a lifetime of desire in only a few days.

To My Readers: Nicholas Lee walks on the dark side and always walks alone. By choice and by necessity. Anyone he loves would be destroyed by his enemies. Luckily he’s never loved anyone—until now. When Nicholas loses his heart to beautiful, gentle Isabelle Summersby, he will allow himself only a week with her. One week of bliss and then they must part. Any longer and Isabelle will die. But what if Isabelle wants more?

“Wanted” by Kimberly Dean
FBI Special Agent Jeff Reno wants Danielle Carver. There’s her body, brains – and that charge of treason on her head. Unable to clear her name, Dani goes on the run, but the sexy Fed is hot on her trail. What will he do once he catches her? And why is the idea so tempting?

“Wild for You” by Kathryn Anne Dubois
When college intern, Georgie, gets lost and captured by a wildman of the Congo, she soon discovers this terrifying specimen of male virility has never seen a woman. The research possibilities are endless! Until he shows her he has research ideas of his own.

“Flights of Fantasy” by Bonnie Hamre
Chloe has taught others to see the realities of life but she’s never shared the intimate world of her sensual yearnings. Given the chance, will she be woman enough to fulfill her most secret erotic fantasy? Join her as she ventures into her Flights of Fantasy…