Are you a protector?

Hotter Than WildfireDear Reader,

On April 5, 2011, HOTTER THAN WILDFIRE, Book 2 of The Protector series, went on sale.

Harry Bolt, Delta operator, came back from Afghanistan more dead than alive, unable to walk, unwilling to live. Only one thing kept him going—the magical voice of a woman known only as Eve.

Harry has been a protector since the day he lost his baby sister to violence when he was a young boy. He and his two best friends, Sam Reston and Mike Keillor, run a well-known and highly successful security company. But they also run an underground railroad for abused women and children.

Protection runs in his blood, but when one day a beautiful young woman with a mesmerizing voice, on the run from killers, walks into his office, his entire being going on red alert. It’s no longer just a question of his instincts, but also of his heart.

As a writer, as a woman, I find the whole question of protection fascinating. In the truest sense of the term, protection is love. And love is protection. Lovers protect each other, parents protect their children. There is no greater expression of love than to stand in front of danger for those who have your heart. But protection isn’t just about defending loved ones from physical danger. It’s protecting them from the sharper shards of life. Creating a magic circle around the loved one. When the outside world turns dark and dangerous, no harm can come to you inside the circle of love.

Are you a protector? Or is there a family member or beloved friend who plays this role in your life?

(Originally published on April 5, 2011 at the Avonromance Blog)