What Makes Marines Unique?

Nightfire by Lisa Marie RiceNightfire –Mike’s story– is coming out February 7.

One of the basic things to know about Mike Keillor is that he was a Marine. IS a Marine, because once a Marine always a Marine, even after service is over. The Corps saved him from likely prison when he was a very angry young man. They took his strength of body and of will and turned it into something useful, something he could be proud of. So let’s take a look at the Marine Corps, what makes these soldiers so unique. I guess you start with induction.

Below is a famous clip from Full Metal Jacket. The ‘actor’ is a real Marine Drill Instructor. It seems like mental torture but what he’s doing is saving their lives. How will they react to battle stress? He’s about to find out.

Nightfire is the third book in The Protectors Trilogy by Lisa Marie Rice.


Fresh Fiction Reviews Reckless Night

The reviewers at Fresh Fiction had this to say about Reckless Night:

You can think of the novella RECKLESS NIGHT as a long epilogue to Dangerous Passion. Having not read the other books in the Protector’s series (an oversight I plan to rectify), I was less appreciative than I might have been otherwise at checking-in with familiar characters. In this case, a reunion with Viktor “Drake” Drakovich and his wife Grace, both presumed dead in a fire. Drake left behind his billion dollar arms-dealing criminal empire. He and Grace are hiding out on a private Island to avoid those who would be happy to make sure he was really dead. The only thing that might tempt him to risk being seen in public is making Grace happy. Will his attempt to give Grace the perfect Christmas gift cost them everything?

I’m sure RECKLESS NIGHT will be a treat for fans of the Protector’s series. This is an atypical holiday story in many ways. The romantic element is between a happily married couple, the husband is a criminal in hiding, and the primary threat is the potential for discovery. I enjoyed the loving relationship between Grace and Drake. Though uncomplicated, the plot and storytelling kept my attention. It was also fun to be reminded about how Christmas is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere.

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