Lisa Marie RiceLisa Marie RiceLisa Marie RiceLisa Marie Rice


A Romantic Suspense

About the Book

Clinging to life…

An embassy terrorist attack in Africa left intelligence analyst Claire Day close to death, but she remembers nothing of the attack. She was left a husk of a woman. Only a shining figure in her dreams pulls her back from the brink-a mysterious man, strong, protective, powerful. He’s the only one that can keep the looming horror that haunts her dreams at bay-but she has no idea who he is.

Obsessed by a ghost…

They told former Marine Dan Weston that the beautiful woman that he kissed on the day of the terrorist attack was counted among the dead. He’s tried to move on, building a successful new career, but he just can’t get her hauntingly gorgeous eyes and her soft lips out of his head. It’s driving him nuts.

When he finds out Claire’s not dead at all, nothing on earth, heaven or hell can keep him away. And just in time, too-because the dark forces that destroyed the Embassy will stop at nothing to destroy Claire, once and for all.

But they didn’t reckon with Dan Weston…

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The Details

Published: November 29, 2021
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1648391788 ISBN-13: 978-1648391781 ASIN: B09MSQ4MQR
Genres & Tropes
Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance