I'm Not A Man

I cannot begin to tell you how many emails I get telling me that I am a man. (I also get tons of email speculating that I am either Shannon McKenna or Linda Howard, which is much more flattering).

I’m not a man. Trust me on this.

I’m not Shannon McKenna or Linda Howard, either. However, I think I might have a handle on some aspects of a man’s mental make-up. I got married very very late in life after many years working in a very difficult, very challenging, very hard profession that required a lot of travel alone, sometimes to fairly out-of-the-way and even dangerous places. I would never even remotely presume that I am as brave as my heroes, who are mainly soldiers or law enforcement officers, because I’m not. However, I do know what it’s like to do a hard thing for a long time and somehow I think that gives me some insight into my men.

Still, it’s fairly flattering that some feel my men are so well-described I could only be one, myself. That’s the highest form of flattery. Thanks.

I’m sooooo looking forward to chatting with you all!

Lisa Marie Rice

(Originally published on August 21, 2007 at The Good, The Bad and The Unread)