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Riff On Alpha Males

Thanks for all the comments on my alpha males and by the way, I find the insistence that I am one a little puzzling, but let’s move on.

Midnight Man (Print Edition)The key I think is that my men really, truly respect my women. Now in princess-talk “You don’t respect me” is code for “you won’t do what I want”. That’s not the kind of respect I mean. I mean admiration-respect. John Huntington, in MIDNIGHT MAN, truly admires Suzanne. She does something — create beautiful interiors — he admires and couldn’t do not in a million years. not with all the training in the world. He’s an alpha male but not an insensitive clod and he understands very well that there is magic in what Suzanne does. He lives in spaces designed by her and those spaces make him feel better, work better, live better. And Suzanne has enormous business sense and gives him excellent business advice. She’s been running her own business longer than he has his and she’s fantastic about giving him tips and advice. At some point in the future, John is wrongfully sued and could lose everything. Suzanne keeps her head and finds him the perfect lawyer and John gets out of the mess. He appreciates that. He appreciates her.

Midnight RunClaire is very empathic, she understands people deeply. she was very ill for a very long time and that developed her empathy enormously. She and Bud have a passel of kids. Bud loves his children deeply. He would unquestioningly die for them. But he is often baffled by them, can’t understand their motives, their reactions. But Claire does, and that family is a happy & loving one mainly because Claire keeps things on an even keel.

Midnight AngelAnd Kowalski … well he flat out thinks Allegra’s musical talent is divine. Imagine a music lover who gets to live with Mozart. A good lover who gets to live with Paul Bocuse. An art lover who gets to live with Picasso. That’s how much he admires her art. He considers the fact that he gets to surround her with love and protection so she can work to be the greatest gift of his life.

I don’t know if anyone has read WOMAN ON THE RUN. Sam Cooper is another alpha male with communication problems. Julia, his wife, runs interference for him with the rest of the world. He had been drowning in loneliness before her. She is like his plug into the world.

My men appreciate their women, who give them inestimable gifts. That they love and protect them is in their eyes nothing in comparison to what they receive from their women.

That’s the kind of alpha male I love writing about!

(Originally published on August 22, 2007 at The Good, The Bad and The Unread)

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