Midnight Angel is back!

Midnight Angel–the third book in the Midnight Trilogy–is back! What do you think of the new cover? I absolutely adore it. This is one of my favorites in the Midnight and Men of Midnight series–I think it’s probably my most romantic of the Midnight novels, so it’s fitting that we re-release it for Valentine’s Day!

So what’s new besides the cover? I’ve gone through the text and lightly-edited and updated it. Just to be clear: this is NOT a new book–it’s a RE-ISSUE of Midnight Angel. 

The new edition of Midnight Angel is live *almost* everywhere. You can get the ebook version at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and ARe. The Nook edition is taking a bit longer, but until it’s live you can get it from ARe since they sell *all* ebook formats. And for those of you who prefer paperbacks, you can order it now from Createspace. It will be available from Amazon, BN.com and other online retailers very soon. 

Hope you enjoy rediscovering Douglas and Allegra’s love story! Happy Valentine’s Day!