Hot Secrets

A Dangerous Lover Novella

He knows how dark the world can be
Jack Prescott’s past is full of cruelty and darkness—until his wife Caroline wiped away the pain of the past, giving him light and love.
Jack loves her passionately and all he asks is that she takes his training in self-defense seriously. He needs to know she will be safe
from the darkness of the world.
On Christmas Eve, danger strikes
Caroline is reading a Christmas story to little children in her bookstore when a vicious criminal breaks in. Jack is rushing to her side,
but right now she has to save herself, the kids in her bookstore, and the child growing inside her. She and Jack have everything to
live for and only Jack’s relentless training can save her now.
Hot Secrets is set in the world of Dangerous Lover

This book was originally published by Avon Impulse.